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At the end of the year, it's always interesting to take a moment and try to imagine what's next. In this case, I'm not thinking about whether the Patriots will win the Super Bowl, I'm wondering what comes after service-oriented architecture. Although SOA has been dramatically hyped as the solution to cure all ills, it has still taken a good deal of time for organizations to adopt SOA in even a limited fashion. It's clear from its adoption by vendors as an integration strategy and by many IT organizations as a design philosophy that SOA will eventually be the mainstream set of architecture and governance principles for IT. That doesn't mean that the ultimate goals of SOA have been realized. In an ideal world the concept of service would extend completely into the business - creating the service-oriented enterprise. In such a business, composite applications are cre... (more)

I Told You So

About two years ago a colleague of mine named Joe leaned over my cubicle wall and said, "Hey, I just downloaded this new language called Java. It's pretty cool!" At the time I can't remember being very excited about another programming language. I was a PowerBuilder maven and Joe was up to his eyeballs in C++. That probably accounts for some of my disinterest and Joe's initial drooling (sorry, Joe, but you did). Two years and one large-scale Java project later, I'm as much a convert as Joe. That doesn't mean I want to rebuild everything that's ever been written in Java, nor does ... (more)

Configure This!

There's a project team out there that really hates me. I was called in recently to help them get their application together so it could be put into production. When I got there, I determined that the problem was simple - no one understood configuration management. It's tempting to say that in the old days configuration management was easy. You just created your executable and distributed it to your clients, and away you went. It's tempting, but that's a load of baloney. Configuration management was an issue on the mainframe, it was an issue on client/server, and it's still an is... (more)

Living On The Edge

This is my first note to let everyone know about the plans for our very own, SYS-CON-sponsored JavaEdge2001 International Java Developer Conference & Expo. This year's conference will be held in New York City from September 23 to September 26. As a corporation, SYS-CON has committed to providing leading-edge information, training, and exhibits in a number of areas that we serve via publications. In addition to the JavaEdge conference, we've also scheduled conferences for XML (XMLEdge2001), wireless (WirelessEdge2002), Linux (LinuxEdge2002), and ColdFusion (ColdFusionEdge2002). It... (more)

Jack, Be Nimble

Are you nimble enough? That seems to be the new buzzword in the Internet world. Nimble. Nimbleness. Nimbler. My development team is nimbler than yours. Being nimble is the name of the game today. It's not enough to be good developers, we've got to be quick developers. What's driving this? What's wrong with the way we've been doing business? I can name that tune in two words ­ the Internet. The sensationalism surrounding each new IPO has created a market in which the business plan is to be first at any cost. Many of the companies going public nowadays have a business plan... (more)