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When I started to think about writing this month's column I looked on the Internet for a good way to define service-oriented architecture (SOA). Some of the definitions were interesting, like "A Service Oriented Architecture is basically a Collection of Services" ( Others were a little bit more technical, such as "SOA is an architectural style whose goal is to achieve loose coupling among interacting software agents" ( The definitions varied considerably, and often included notes that SOA is not a new concept, things like DCE and CORBA had implemented them years (or even decades) earlier. I wasn't able to come up with one concise definition of service-oriented architecture, and that's probably okay. A single definition would likely be too narrow and restrict its usefulness. But both of the definitions I quoted above seem ... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: Open Wounds – How Free May End Up Being Costly

Like many people in the industry, I'm torn over open source software. I'm not opposed to developers creating software and deciding they do it for the love of programming, and have no need for payment - if they want to give their work away, I see no reason why they shouldn't be able to do so, although I think the people who want all software to be free should first get uniform agreement from everyone in the industry to work for nothing before they get on that soapbox. Even though I run a magazine in my spare time, I make my living designing software, and I personally don't want to... (more)

Put on a Happy Face(book)

I had the opportunity recently to speak at a Microsoft event on Web 2.0. It was an interesting evening, with speakers from several organizations discussing various issues and strategies that could be used to move the bar forward on the Web. Now if you're a faithful reader, you've seen me rant every so often about the inadequacies of browser technology when it comes to delivering applications over the Internet. The advantages are well known - zero footprint, controlled install base, etc., but the disadvantages have been known to drive me crazy. Anyone who's ever hit the back butt... (more)

Why Superman Works Alone

Toward the end of the last Batman movie, when Robin is giving Batman a hard time, George Clooney gets fed up and says, "This is why Superman works alone." While I'm often tempted to think along the same lines, the reality of our business is that we work in teams. This leads to the topic of this month's diatribe: team development. Large-scale software development is a complex process. The majority of it takes place in a corporate environment that requires rigor and process. The most familiar of these processes is usually the task of obtaining the blessing of the DBA for your datab... (more)

Jack, Be Nimble

Are you nimble enough? That seems to be the new buzzword in the Internet world. Nimble. Nimbleness. Nimbler. My development team is nimbler than yours. Being nimble is the name of the game today. It's not enough to be good developers, we've got to be quick developers. What's driving this? What's wrong with the way we've been doing business? I can name that tune in two words ­ the Internet. The sensationalism surrounding each new IPO has created a market in which the business plan is to be first at any cost. Many of the companies going public nowadays have a business plan... (more)